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And welcome to our website. We are a husband and wife team of wedding photographers who create art for your wedding day.

Your wedding day should be a magical and unforgettable experience. This once in a lifetime event deserves amazing professional photos and photos that will make your friends jealous and your family proud. At Brown Butter Photo we aim to make the most incredible photos that are flattering and gorgeous.

If you value exceptional photography and you want to have stunning wedding photos, then please contact us to discuss your wedding.

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“That’s the thing with magic. You’ve got to know it’s still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible for you.” – Charles de Lint

Sydney Wedding photographer
Wedding photographer in Sydney does not just aim to take pictures. Established photographers offering their services in Sydney and its surroundings are fully professional. As they offer their services for weddings, they know what images to take over the rest. Reputable photographers have learnt how to become preoccupied by being hired in one wedding and the next. Not every photographer based in Sydney is able to deliver the shots just as required. For that reason, clients must compare more than one of them. As we are located on the southern part of Sydney, we are not longer accepting weddings up towards the northern coast of NSW. We are happy to recommend Wedding Photographer Hunter Valley to cover these weddings. We are still accepting Sydney weddings and Southern Highlands weddings, with no extra travel fees.

Wedding photographer in Sydney enabling memories
However much wedding photography is overlooked, it happens to be the most sensitive components of a wedding. As you make those arrangements for the wedding, ensure you settle on someone professional enough who will be able to deliver those shots, just like you advise. Remember, wedding pictures and videos are the only source of memory during the events. They therefore should never be overlooked whatsoever. An experienced Wedding photographer in Sydney knows will be able to shoot the wedding with much ease.

As a reputable Wedding photographer in Sydney, it is important to know what clients need before taking the work. This is the only way to make a wedding memorable and special. The pictures, if taken well and professionally, are set to be great reminders of this special moment of everyone’s life. Professional manners have to be a top priority since the show brings guests together from different walks of life. Getting a professional who is highly trained and experienced will therefore be a great idea to ensure those bright faces smile further. The professionals are expected to do a good job since they have only one chance. Unprofessional photographers end up missing the most sensitive and important parts of the wedding. Such cases can be really frustrating.

The Wedding photographer in Sydney is not just out to point and shoot. They are responsible for meeting timelines and ensure guests don’t wait long hours during the photo shoot. No one wants such frustrating scenarios during their weddings. For that reason, it is a great idea to choose someone with a clear reputation. Settling for a photographer who has stood the test of time in the arty will be a wise idea. If you are new in this field, you will need referrals. The kind of equipment that the photographer employs should also concern you. Remember that it is not just about taking photos. With each photographer placing his own cost, be sure to consider more than one quote.

Unfortunately, it is during this time that the grooms and bride can be fooled by their most reliable friends. Being a time of confusion, a friend may suggest a photographer just because they have a close relation. However much they are given praises, they may turn out to be incompetent. This explains the need to choose the photographer carefully. Highly rated photographers must have moved a lot within the city and its surroundings. This means that they know most of the areas. They can easily move around the local venues. This knowledge is an important component is identifying the photographer. It will help to enable smooth running of the wedding day.

By checking through what the photographers have done on their websites, it will be easy to tell their abilities. A serious wedding photographer must have a website or blog site on which he displays his past works. Since they provide different quotes for the service, there is need to measure the cost and their abilities. While some will be very expensive, others on the other hand will be doubtfully cheap. Remember, cheap is expensive and you can always land a raw deal.

Everything should be negotiable. Photographers who pin you down to their opinions have a bad motive and should be avoided. A photographer will give you attention as you explain your budget to them. This way, they will be able to tailor a price which works within your means. Don’t be so mean in your budget lest you squeeze them to deliver a shoddy job. Remember, this is an experience that comes once in a lifetime. It needs a clear memory and a reputable Wedding photographer in Sydney can help you achieve just that.

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